Performance Reviews

The Performance Review

The performance review or appraisal (hereafter referred to as performance review) should be a positive meeting between the employee and their line manager looking back over the past year and looking forward to the year ahead.

It is not an opportunity to ‘get even ‘, highlight failings or introduce new concerns. These should have been addressed outside of the performance review meeting. The golden rule being no surprises!

The CIPD (Performance appraisal factsheet June 2014) defines the five key elements of the performance appraisal as:

  • Measurement – assessing performance against agreed targets and objectives, andbehaviour and attitudes against espoused values.
  • Feedback – providing information to individuals on their performance and progress and on what is required to continue to perform well in the future, particularly in view of any change programme and evolution of job roles.
  • Positive reinforcement – emphasising what has been done well and making only constructive criticism about what might be improved, and drawing out the importance of how things are done, as well as what is done, and ensuring effort is directed at value-adding activities.
  • Exchange of views – a frank exchange of views about what has happened, how appraisees can improve their performance, the support they need from their managers to achieve this and their aspirations for their future career.
  • Agreement – jointly coming to an understanding by all parties about what needs to be done to improve and sustain performance generally and overcome any issues raised in the course of the discussion.

We can help you to:

  • Design and implement performance review documents or online solutions
  • Advise on the implementation of performance review schemes
  • Train managers to conduct conduct a performance review
  • Train employees how to get the best out of their performance review
  • Conduct a training needs analysis based on the outcomes

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