Managing Absence

Managing Absence

Absenteeism continues to be a challenge for many organisations with 131 million working days lost through sickness absence in 2013; this equates to 4.4 days per person which is a significant reduction from previous years.

However in the public sector the figures are significantly higher with NHS workers averaging 9.5 days.

Sickness absence accounts for 90% of absenteeism with the remainder being attributed to care of dependents, transport issues, compassionate leave ….

Absenteeism not only costs in terms of sick pay; it can affect the morale of employees left to cover the work load, reduces productivity and quality service through reduced manpower or utilising less experienced personnel.

An absence management program is proven to reduce excessive absenteeism with the return to work interview being the cornerstone of a successful program.

We can help you:

  • Assess if you have an absence problem.
  • Implement an absence management policy and programme
  • Help you deal with short-term and long term absence whether through ill health or not.
  • Training line managers to manage absenteeism

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