Flexible Working

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Flexible Working

Flexible working offers both the employee and employer flexibility in working patterns and place of work. The advances in technology have enabled home working and remote working to be potentially more productive and cost effective than employees working in a traditional work place.

Research by the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development has shown that 'workers on flexible contracts tend to be more emotionally engaged, more satisfied with their work, more likely to speak positively about their organisation and less likely to quit.’

For organisations this in turn offers a valuable recruitment and retention initiative, a means of maximizing efficiency within the workforce and possible economies in accommodation costs.

From June 2014 all employees have the right to request flexible working whether or not they are carers for children or dependent adults as was previously the case.

The employee must have 26 weeks continuous service and may make one application a year. As an employer you have three months to deal with the request which may be denied.

We can help you assess how flexible working initiates could benefit your business thereby saving you money and attracting and retaining valuable employees. We can also help you fairly assess applications in the best interest of your employee and your business.

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