Equality Policy and Practices


Equality Policy and Practices

All employers must understand and comply with legislation relating to employment. The HR policies and practices that your organisation adopts must take into account of the laws and regulations around each issue.

It isĀ important to support intentions with policies and procedures. Policies and procedures communicate the values of your organisation and provide everyone with a consistent process to follow. They set the tone for performance standards, behaviour and help manage both employee and employer expectations.

The impact of policies begins before people even join your company from recruitment and selection policies, through to compensation and benefit policies. This continues until the time that people leave the company from notice periods to the provision of references.

Although we are not employment lawyers, we have a thorough understanding of employment legislation, case law and practical applications of best practice within an organisation. We provide realistic HR advice, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each approach so that you are able to make informed decisions.

Employment legislation changes are made approximately twice a year. On each occasion Inclusive HR will work with you to develop new policies or to review your existing policies to ensure your business remains not only legally compliant, but also in line with each other.

We can help you develop or review your existing policies and procedures to bring you in line with the current legislation relating to all employment practices.

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