Equality in Employment


Equality in Employment

Workplace policies that prevent discrimination and protect and promote people’s rights to an inclusive and safe working environment cannot only reduce costs but enable you to retain and attract the best and improve your productivity and performance.

Attention to diverse needs of customers and their communities could help you to identify new products and markets. Understanding your human rights impacts is important in safeguarding your business reputation in the communities in which it operates and in the wider marketplace.

All employers and service providers, whatever their size, are covered by the Equality Act 2010. As an employer, the law generally still applies to you if your workers are temporary, do not have written contracts or are recruited to other positions such as trainees, apprentices or business partners. The act means treating everyone fairly, with dignity and respect. Your business’s policies for recruitment, promotion and management of staff should help you to stay within the law, attract talented employees and get the best out of them.

As a small employer you may have practices that are more informal, have fewer written policies, and may be more constrained by financial resources than larger employers, but no employer is exempt from these duties of the Equality Act because of size.

We can help organisations keen to be an Equal Opportunity Employer consultancy on designing an effective diversity and equality strategy. We will work with you to develop new policies or to review your existing policies and we help you to implement these through training and guidance to ensure your business remains not only legally compliant but also creating an inclusive culture.

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